I am a family photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

When I work with clients ,whether it be a sleeping infant, an active toddler or a posing teen, I am always striving for a connection that will produce honesty and artistry in my pictures. My favorite portraits are the ones that reveal the true joy, laughter or hope of the moment and show the true spirit of the individual or relationship.

Lessons in photography began while pursuing a degree in advertising at Loyola University of New Orleans. I feel blessed to currently study my art at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.I sometimes believe, however, that the experience of raising my four daughters over the past 13 years has made me a better children's photographer than any formal training could have provided. I know how fleeting and valuable each moment of childhood is and how important they are to capture. Every photo session is for me a trip down memory lane and makes my work truly enjoyable.

It was the encouragement of many family and friends that gave me the confidence to move forward from hobby to profession. To you, my first customers, I owe great thanks. I give thanks as well to the many new clients that have become friends. It is a priviledge to create for you lasting family memories.

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